Representaciones Comerciales
   Varec, Inc. (
Somos representantes comerciales y distribuidores exclusivos de Varec Inc. para la región centroamericana y Belice.  Nuestra especialización es:
  • Tecnologías para Administración de Inventarios en Tanques de Almacenamiento (medidores automáticos, radares, servos, regla graduada, etc)
  • Equipo auxiliar para Medición de Inventarios en Tanques de Almacenamiento (transmisores, monitores y pantallas, sensores de temperatura)
  • Equipos para adquisición de datos y  comunicaciones
  • Sistemas para administración de Inventarios (Sistemas para Automatización de Terminales-TAS)

Varec has served the petroleum and chemical sectors for over seven decades – working with industry leaders to pioneer inventory tank gauging instrumentation and systems, introducing new technologies and setting standards by which others are measured.
Today's Leaders,
To complement a complete range of instrumentation and hardware, our FuelsManager® software is the cornerstone for physical inventory management and custody transfer approved systems, while providing complete integration with SAP and third-party ERP computing systems.
Tomorrow's Innovators.
As a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, Varec continues to be a technology leader - innovating new ways to improve efficiencies and manage information across your entire business, including wireless communications, web-based transaction management, daily reconciliation and complete terminal automation systems.

  MTL, INC. (

The MTL Instruments Group plc is recognized as a world leader in the development and supply of intrinsic safety explosion protection devices and specializes in lightning protection, surge protection and gas analysis equipment. Many of the worlds safety-critical processes are monitored, controlled or protected by MTL products and the Group is distinguished by its global network of sales and support centers and by its acknowledged position as thought leader in this high technology marketplace.
The long established Hazardous Area Business Unit has built up an enviable reputation as a leading global provider of Intrinsic Safety interfaces, fieldbus components and systems for use process control applications.     
In May 2007 The MTL Group acquired ELPRO Technologies, a leader in the industrial wireless market and well known for its innovative and proprietary technologies, high-performance products and value-added technical support. ELPRO is a world specialist in radio telemetry technology - sending data and information by radio..      
The acquisition of Ocean Technical Systems in July 2007 has further added to MTL's broad offering of products and services. The company provides a large scale SCADA and DCS system integration capability to provide FPSO integrated control systems, pipeline monitoring systems, and metering systems including an innovative real time metering database.      
The Surge Business Unit offers solutions for mission critical applications in the Process, Data Network and Telecommunications markets which may be at risk of damage from lightning or other high-voltage surges.     
MTL's MOST Business Unit provides control components which are designed to be "snapped together" by our customers to build complete process control solutions. These control platforms consist of interoperable modular hardware and software components to which our customers are able to add their own application software.     
MTL Visualisation was created following the acquisition of GeCma Components GmbH in 2005, the Business Unit is responsible for the design, development and manufacturing of operator computer terminals used in hazardous areas.     
RTK Instruments, acquired in July 2007, is an international provider of alarm handling and annunciation equipment for the utilities and process control markets, with specific expertise in the application of alarm handling apparatus in hazardous and potentially flammable environments.     
Hitech Instruments manufacture gas analysis equipment for the food and packaging industries as well as for speciality gasses.     

  Honeywell Enraf Fluid Technologies (
Especialistas en el desarrollo, fabricación, ventas, servicio y soporte técnico de los equipos de instrumentación y sistemas de programación mejor posicionados a nivel mundial para la administración de inventarios y almacenamiento a granel por más de 50 años.
Enraf es reconocida por muchos de sus clientes mundialmente como un proveedor de soluciones confiable y flexible.   Debido al cambio en las necesidades y requerimientos de los clientes, Enraf expande continuamente su portafolio de productos, servicios y soporte tanto para la parte de instrumentación como para el sistema de software.

En el área centroamericana proveemos equipos para la inyección de aditivos, colorantes para diferentes líquidos, construcción de sistemas para llenado de camiones llave en mano, mezcladores para diferentes aplicaciones, etc.